Inn Foods... the frozen food industry leader

What makes an industry leader? In the frozen food industry, a company must be able to do many things very well to be considered a leader. With annual sales in excess of $80 million, Inn Foods packages and ships some 157 million pounds of vegetables, fruits and blends each year.

In the frozen fruits and vegetables industry Inn Foods is synonymous with product quality and technical innovation. We listen to our customers. We understand their individual needs. We develop unique solutions to meet the challenges they present. We are able to meet those needs because of our rigid standards for product quality and superior facilities for packing and blending.

Inn Foods customers include:

About Us:

Inn Foods is an integral part of The VPS Companies, Inc., a vertically integrated company active in every phase of the frozen food industry. The half-century of experience underscores Inn Foods' leadership position we call The Inn Foods Advantage.