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International Markets Inn Foods International has a long history of procuring quality products overseas and supplying competitive frozen and canned goods to nearly every corner of the globe. Our overseas operations complement every aspect of our company- from reliable sourcing of imported products for Food Service and Retail customers to sourcing ingredients for our re-pack and prepared meal operations to export opportunities with trusted overseas partners and providing international opportunities in an increasingly global marketplace. Since 1976 Inn Foods has been a dependable source of quality frozen foods from emerging countries. Successful, long-term partnerships have evolved into joint-venture investments in Mexico and Central America to assure our customers have a reliable supply of the highest quality vegetables from those areas. Additionally we have been importing fruits and vegetables from Europe, China, So. East Asia, New Zealand, India and Latin America as well as the Middle East. Inn Foods managers have inspected all of our partnership plants and the majority of our secondary suppliers’ facilities. All of our suppliers have current HACCP plans in place and many have 3rd party certifications to assure our customers of the best quality products. Inn Foods International can also offer export opportunities of both straight and mixed loads of products from North America to virtually any part of the world. Foreign to foreign opportunities abound as well, assuring our foreign packers that surpluses in one market can be presented in more profitable markets. As information technology helps connect the world Inn Foods International brings new opportunities to our customers with access to markets that were previously out of reach. Let us help you expand your horizons. Exports Maximizing the return on investment- is what business is all about. Expanding your markets can increase your opportunities to realize the best return possible for your products. It can be challenging to look overseas for new customers- there are added risks with time consuming transaction and logistics details to attend to. With more than 30 years experience in exporting frozen and canned foods overseas, Inn Foods can help bring the world to your door. Our Export Department can facilitate your move to new markets with our experienced transportation department, a worldwide network of Forwarding Agents and our experience. By allowing Inn Foods to handle your exports you can focus on your business and realize the best return on investment possible with a minimum of effort. Put our experience to work for you and watch your markets grow. Imports As the world of food manufacturing becomes increasingly integrated it takes more and more time to research your supply sources. To insure that your products are the highest quality and arrive on time you will have the challenges of language, international logistics, time zone differences and business culture to overcome. Inn Foods International has a long history of sourcing overseas and is adept at finding reliable packers that can supplement your buying needs with consistent, competitive product from off-shore suppliers. Our Import resources include... * Proven, certified packers in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa for contra seasonal supply and competitive pricing * Packaging capabilities that include all major formats from retail to bulk * Quality Control personnel that evaluate our plants including specialists that are domiciled overseas to readily react to questions and assure that we meet our customer’s specifications * Our transportation department is well versed in international shipping to facilitate the transit and provide real-time tacking of your orders * A global network of Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding experts to navigate the increasingly complex documentation required in international business Our knowledge and proficiency can provide for a smooth import process- allowing you more time to focus on your business and your customers. Whether it is a spot purchase of a short item or a comprehensive plan for year-round supply, Inn Foods has the expertise to profitably incorporate global sourcing into your inventory. Foreign to Foreign Sales The International Division can see market opportunities where others might not. All packers of frozen foods are susceptible to the same fickle weather patterns no matter what part of the world that producer might call home. This creates new possibilities for those fortunate producers that are having productive seasons. Inn Foods is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and provide quality, competitive products to fill these needs. Additionally when buyers successfully import product from a new international supplier this can create new markets that can grow and flourish into long term relationships. Our team of proven suppliers is capable of quickly producing products to meet the specific needs and specifications of new customers. This allows Inn Foods to provide our customers with new sources of traditional products that might not have been previously considered as competitive and thus assuring them of consistent supply in the most demanding of market conditions.
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